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alone again
I have a shark plushie actually but ech

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i'm backkk
sad that I cannot sleep properly;

also my bf's here for the weekends uwu

I ate not that much of pizza but it was quite good

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"instead of being suicidal u should just b gay"

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cursed kawen that sucks your dick and calls you gay $50

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Hi I'm the default LaTeX template... do you like [------------------MARGINS------------------]

what if
twitter implemented activitypub
would people just block it or something

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Why does the programmer love comfy socks? Show more

somebody made a emacs clone in go but there's no elisp because muh minimalism

=> 🗑️

So I'm still writing that couchdb library and apparently streaming http requests isn't that easy because one client doesn't support using modules as target and the other one doesn't support query parameters construction

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I've got a serious question.

Does pleroma do what mastodon't?

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an interesting article i found when i was about to go sleep

what do we learn from it? dont use mac osx. or block/disable .ds_store files. thanks apple for breaking security 👍

So uhh
If you create a matrix instance and login on it can you write to people on other instances and join their chats? Or is it like irc and you don't even need to register and just go to each other's instances

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