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okay with a huge help of my bf we did like half of the thing
hopefully that's enough to pass

wow I'm a fucking disappointment
I don't understand ANYTHING

got a burger bc I'm too tired to cook anything

going home & I'm fucking tired
can't rest though because I need to do that fucking homework because it was due yesterday

I'm just stupid but now I get it I think

differentials are kind of EASY too

integrals are actually EASY

>written in JavaScript

is that a new kind of bullshit

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pew pew

my name is G3-neesan


today i have three math lessons 2h each huh
i still didnt do anything useful for it and no homework
i feel bad about it again

finished the moebooru scrappers thing
they mostly don't allow to hotlink images huh
well that thing should download them anyway so that shouldn't be a problem probably

Updated le mastodon to the latest rc